About us:

Our History:

In 1904, George Clinton Swint of Milner, Georgia, married his sweetheart, Ida Mae Woodall. In 1920's, the construction of the Dixie Highway (later designated US 41) brought new traffic through the center of the Woodall and Swint Properties. This became the main route for traveling by car from Chicago to Miami and brought lots of tourist traffic. Tragedy struck in the mid 1920's when the family's entire cotton crop was destroyed by boll weevil beetles. Luck had it that the family also grew pecans. In order to save the family from financial ruin, Ida Mae began selling grocery bags full of pecans off their front porch to tourists driving by on US 41. Tourists loved it, This began the legacy of Swint's Pecans and Candies.

Swint's Pecans & Candies is famous for the finest quality fudge, pralines, divinity, milk chocolate, white chocolate, orange coconut, pecan rolls with nougat, "Sweet Dreams" (french-fried pecans dipped in white chocolate), plain pecan halves, french-fried pecans, cinnamon sugar and spice pecans, and much more!

In 2013 Jessica and Eric Watson purchased Swint's Candies. Since then, they have remodled the Milner, Ga location; offering an extended line of products you must try! In addition, as of January 2023, construction has begun on a new location in Forsyth, Ga which will offer: ice cream, coffee, old-fashioned soda's, a gift shop, along with a wholesale facility. Although the business has grown, the recipes and southern charm have stayed the same.

Swints has been featured on CNN, Atlanta Magazine, Macon Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Griffin Daily News, Barnesville Herald-Gazette, and many others.